Tuesday, January 1, 2013

its a brand new day

Some kind of magic
Happens late at night
When the moon smiles down at me
And bathes me in its light

I fell asleep beneath you
In the tall blades of grass
When I woke the world was new
I never had to ask

if its not relevant. its random.
here's a few randoms to start off a brand new year:

my silly cat is mad at me for getting her on a diet.
so now she sleeps with me at night, weird right? she's such a cute little freak.
the snow is melting away, everything is soggy and muddy out.
there's a "talent show" at church today.
i keep telling myself "its January, again" and it sounds weird every time. ok, maybe that was a bit relevant to today..
i've decided i hate makeup. this doesn't mean i'll quit wearing the tiny amount that i do. its just not important to me so if i forget to ever put it on again. oops.

i couldn't think of anything profound or inspiring to say about twenty thirteen.
i don't really feel the need to.
its simply, another brand new day.

Most kind of stories
Save the best part for last
And most stories have a hero who finds
You make your past your past
Yeah you make your past your past


  1. your lashes are so long and dark! no makeup? I gotta agree though, I hardly ever wear it 'cause I'm lazy, I'm not dependent on it and I'm lazy aha. have a happy twenty thirteen! xx|natalia

    1. Nope, no makeup in that picture:) I'm really happy God made me with nice lashes, it helps to my cause of not wearing makeup! haha :)

  2. Darling, did you write that? Because its sort of amaZing. I love it<3 i love the photos, and i hear ya on the makeup thing.

    1. I did not, but I really wish I had! Its a beautiful song by Joshua Radin called 'its a brand new day', i hid the link in my singing off :)

  3. "When the moon smiles down at me"...love it.

  4. AWH! That kitty cat! ^_^ Such a cutie. <3
    It is January again. yup. *sigh*...I don't know how it came back so fast.
    Hey, I miss you lots......
    And speaking of random, You're gonna be 20 next year...Just sayin'. :/