Wednesday, January 2, 2013

what we see is what we are

 yesterday i realized that i had completed one of last January's resolutions.
and that was to have one self photo shoot every month, so at the end of the year, i'd have 12 collective photos of myself. the main reason for this project was to work on my photography skills.
i didn't do it because i like taking pictures of myself, i still find it rather annoying. but after awhile i've got to find some sort of outlet for my photography, and i was always available, so i became my top model.

i sorta missed april and november, but at least i had some sort of photo of myself, even if it was just to show off that weird baby-mullet thingy i had and a picture with baby Maddy {she's so cute}.

i see a big improvement in my photography over just one year. i have learn so much and i finally feel confident with my style and what not. i've realized there's so much more to photography than just 'point and shoot' and i've deff. perfected working with a self timer.

i've discovered some amazing photographers in the past year, a few of them are Acacia at Capture Life, Kinga at Quidditea, J. Benjamin B. at LTLI, Kylie at The Flybird, Brandon at Brandon Kidd Photography, and many, many more.

i'm terribly excited to keep on growing in photography. 
i still have so much to discover and learn and i'm ready for it.

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are. - Ernst Haas


  1. You're so dang cute!! I adore the November one. ^_^ you look so pretty and Maddy is a doll. ^_^
    <3 I likey this post.

  2. February, April and October are my favorites<3 you are simply stunning love!

  3. I like September's the best. It's very poetic :)

  4. <3 I loved your January hair cut. I think it was my favorite on you, except when you had miles of hair. :-)

  5. Oh, soooooo beautiful!!! I love photography. I used to have a professional camera, but it broke a year ago. I was devistated. Ok, not really. But it was a sad loss for me. I try to use my iphone....but it DOES NOT WORK THE SAME. Anyway, I think your photography is beautiful. And as a model, you are not only beautiful but have great poses too!!!! That was something I never mastered. :D

  6. Ohmygoodness your hair way back in the winter. Way too cute! I'd never have the guts to do that. This year I made it a resolution to do the same actually. Some do one a day for a month but I'm too lazy to make such a high commitment resolution haha. Congrats on completing it tho! It turned out awesome. Any tricks for being natural? Or at least feeling natural? xx | natalia

    1. thanks! i *LOVED* having short hair, it was a blast.
      And as for tips on being natural, basically do whatever you're comfortable with, for me I must be alone while I do all my shoots, if there's someone around it messes up my groove. So if you feel comfortable with it, you should end up lookin' pretty natural too! At least thats how i've found it working for me:) it took a lot of practice though, and lots of times my shoots would end in udder disaster and i wouldn't end up with anything worth while at all, its all a learning process:)