Sunday, October 6, 2013

today i drank my 2nd ever Rockstar. i always for go for Monsters. because they're beautiful, ya know.
i'm incredibly hyper right now. first time in probably 2yrs an energy drink has actually worked on me! 
so anywho.

day 2 and 3 of both challenges.

#2what i wore


#2, least favourite song (aka, song i HATE)
the original oompa loompa song. >_< 

#3, a song that makes me happy.
flaws by bastille

if you've never heard of bastille, i highly suggest you give them a listen. i think they're a pretty new group. this dude's voice kills me so much. it's gorgeous. and this song certainly gives me happy chills. ^_^



  1. Oh! Gorgeous song. The last one, of course.

  2. Beautiful photo of the sky. Bastille. Loove them.

  3. THE SUNSET. How beautiful. <3 Also, I like that song! Thanks for sharing it(:
    Lastly, I've never had a Rockstar. Are you saying its better than a Monster?

    1. Nah, Monsters are yummier than Rockstars by far, but Rockstars have a better caffeine kick :))

  4. Haha! I have a really high tolerance for caffeine so when I do (rarely) use energy drinks, they don't make me hyper, they just wake me up and I can do ALL THE THINGS. Which is nice. lol.

    Whoa. Clouds. Just wow.

    I must needs looks into Bastille now, because I really quite liked that song. It's PURTY.

    1. Normally i do too! that's why i was so surprised that an energy drink actually worked on me. I've drunk 2 rockstars back to back before and it didn't have an affect on me at all. lolz. :)))
      It IS purty! Their only album (bad blood) is AMAZING. :D :D :D

  5. love the outfit (and those awesome shoes!).
    I have never ever had an energy drink! I usually just go for coffee or something. ;P

  6. Sweet outfit! But, I must admit, I'm sorta shocked you don't like the oompa loompa song! They are the best!!! But that's okay, everyone is different :p

    Bastille is familiar... can't remember if I've heard them elsewhere or if I've just seen them on your blog before!

  7. YELLOW SNEAKERS!! Ah, I need some now!
    Those clouds are shockingly bright! Loveit ♥

    Hehe, I rather like how you break the rules oc the challenges; how you personalize them! ; D